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Adult tickets for our 2024 events cost £85, which will increase to £100 after the early booking deadline for each event. Child tickets range from £5-20. Please take a look at the Terms & Conditions of Orion Sphere LRP events prior to booking. £5 from every Adult Ticket goes directly to the fine folks at the UK Starship Bridge Simulator, which is used to maintain and improve the Bridge Simulators and other technological stuff we have at events.

You don't need to enter your character or group details immediately, that can be done later using the forms we have set up - details of which can be found here - Information Forms. You will need a Player ID number to create a new character, which we will send to you after you buy a ticket for the first time.

You can pay either by PayPal (below) or by Bank Transfer. If you would prefer to pay by Bank Transfer, please send us an email with your name, ticket preferences and any other info at

If you have a ticket for a cancelled 2020 event or deferred ticket and wish to use it for an upcoming event, please select the “Redeem Transferred Ticket” option in the pulldown menus for each event - or just Contact Us via email or Facebook message to let us know you want to redeem your ticket. You can also transfer your ticket to another person for them to use - if you wish to do so then please Contact Us.

2024 Sanctioned Event Tickets

Sanctioned Events are not run by Orion Sphere LRP, but occur within the ongoing game setting. Tickets for Sanctioned Events are not eligible for transfer to other OSLRP events.

  • There are currently no upcoming Sanctioned Events.

Main Event Tickets

Use the dropdown menus below to indicate the type of ticket you need.

  • If you are a Returning Player, please enter your Player ID number in the box
  • If you are a New Player, then please enter your Email address in the box.
  • Note that any Child Tickets must indicate a Responsible Adult who is also attending.
  • You can view your cart with the following button -

We have a limited number of £40 concession tickets for those who are unable to afford the price of a full ticket. To apply for a concession ticket, please email us at We are also happy to receive any offers of support to allow us to fund additional concession tickets for current or future events, just get in touch with us at the same email address.

Event 10

Event 10 takes place from the 21st-23rd of June 2024 at Silverwood Scout Camp near Barnsley.

Ticket Type
Player ID / Email Address
Responsible Adult (If needed)

Event 11

Event 11 takes place from the 20th-22nd of September 2024 at Cranham Scout Centre near Gloucester. The Early Booking deadline for Event 11 is Friday August 9th, after which the price of adult tickets will increase to £100.

Ticket Type
Player ID / Email Address
Responsible Adult (If needed)

Meal Tickets

Meal tickets for both 2024 events are available using the pulldown menu below. Menus will be posted on our Facebook page closer to the event dates. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know using the box below when you order.

Catering at Event 10 will be provided by Conspiracy Catering, who will be providing hot meals to meal ticket holders as well as hot drinks and squash to all attendees.

Catering at Event 11 will be provided by Incendo Catering, who will be providing hot meals to meal ticket holders as well as hot drinks and squash to all attendees. A Meal Ticket for Event 11 is £40. Meal ticket holders at Event 11 are asked to please bring your own plates, mugs and cutlery if possible!

Meal Ticket Options
Dietary Requirements
Your Player ID / Email Address


We are always looking for crew for our events - if you're interested in crewing, please Contact Us or fill out one of the Google Forms below. We have a range of jobs to make the event awesome for everyone, and there are opportunities to take on roles as monsters, Referees, NPCs and other event support crew.

To sign up to crew each event, please fill out the associated Google Form (mostly for your emergency contact details and such).

As part of the collaborative ethos of Orion Sphere, we are also interested in ideas and stories that you are interested in telling as part of the game, and we intend to involve crew members in creating and fleshing out some of the plot for the event and the wider setting.

Any Problems?

If you run into any problems with booking, want to cancel, or add catering later on, please contact us at

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