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Megasaurian Environmental Nano-treatment

In 3819 PT, a highly advanced growth inhibitor nano-toxin was discovered in the Bel-dan System by the scientist Fruta Eztanda of the Brood of Dalathak. Originally used by the Olm against the Cradians of the Bel-Dan III to poison their nursery pools, Dominion scientists working with Fruta were able to alter the nano-toxin to temporarily alter Megasaurian Tulaki physiology. When applied correctly, the altered nano-toxin causes rapid muscle wasting and a softening of keratinous tissue, and may induce moulting of bony shells or other large structures. While this causes the Megasaurian to decrease in size and physical power, it also significantly reduces the biological stresses on their organs and allows for more efficient heat distribution.

On Origin, megasaurians were quite tightly restricted to temperate or colder zones as the square-cube law puts them right up to the limit of what Tulaki physiology can support. This treatment allows Megasaurians to endure short-term excursions into hotter or more cramped environmental conditions. The nano-toxin formula and treatment programme rapidly spread across the Dominion and was well-received as a boon to Megasaurians of all phenotypes.

After a 3-day treatment regime, during which the Megasaurian uncomfortably purges large amounts of matter, the effects last for several weeks. Once the effect of the treatments have worn off, the Megasaurian is typically experiences extreme hunger to fuel their growth as their natural biology reasserts itself. Only Megasaurians have the durability and existing musculature to be able to take advantage of the nano-treatments. Other Tulaki morphs become debilitatingly ill after a course of treatments.

OOC Details

Megasaurian characters can choose to have applied the environmental nano-treatment prior to an event that they attend. This allows them to reduce their physrep requirements to the equivalent of a Saurian Tulaki – a lizard-like face mask and makeup on their exposed skin. Ideally, they should strongly resemble their ordinary Megasaurian character to minimise confusion. As a result of these changes, the Megasaurian character loses access to any special abilities conferred by their Megasaurian build, and revert to 3 Locational Hits and a 200-second Death Count. These changes last for the entire event.

The long-term effects of continued use of the nano-treatment is not currently known. If a character uses the nano-treatment for the majority of events throughout the year, they should contact the Game Team to see if there are any additional consequences.

The primary reasoning for this mechanic is to allow the players of Tulaki Megasaurians to attend events where their physreps would otherwise be far too bulky or warm to be able to attend – socials, events at the height of summer, etc.

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