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Denagh Sector

Position: -2x, 1y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: Ascendancy, Free Union

Stellar Density: Dense

The Denagh Sector forms part of the Ascendancy's border with the Free Union. It is reasonably well-developed and patrolled regularly by naval vessels. It is at the centre of the Orion Arm and thus fairly matter-dense, with many star systems and numerous developments by the Ascendancy and the various MegaCorps that operate closely with them. The Free Union also maintains a minor presence in this sector, mostly around the part of the America Nebula within it - this volatile region of space acts as somewhat of a barrier, as the energies within it interfere with the operation of warp drives operating at high speeds.

Although the central part of the sector is well-developed, the rimward and coreward edges have a more frontier feel, and parts of the sector have a reputation for piracy which the local authorities have found difficult to shake.

Systems of Note

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