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Vela Sector

Position: 3x, -1y, Orion Arm

Faction Presence: Ascendancy

Stellar Density: Medium to Sparse

The Vela Sector lies at the trailing edge of Ascendancy space, at the fringe of the Orion Arm. The majority of the sector is unclaimed, and relatively unexplored. Prior to the First Tulaki Invasion, there was a push to develop a corridor in this sector out towards a major stellar nursery area in the Libran Rift. When the Dominion pushed deep into the Grus Sector, the Ascendancy holdings in this sector were cut off from resupply at an early stage in their development, and many collapsed entirely. A few worlds held mostly by House Malhotra, equipped with a few freighters and mostly ignored by the Dominion, managed to survive and thrive by cooperating and sharing out their meagre resources. When the Ascendancy reclaimed the region these worlds quickly rejoined and served as a logistical base for further expansion of the sector.

Although the focus of the Ascendancy Council has moved away from this region, House Malhotra still considers it a priority, and has purchased or seized control of most of the assets in the region in recent centuries. Several recently founded human sleeper colonies have been located in the sector, and brought under the Ascendancy's authority. The culture of the sector has drifted somewhat from the Ascendancy norm - pride in House Malhotra's patronage , lack of interference from other houses, and recovery of artefacts from sleeper colonies has resulted in the adoption of some cultural elements reminiscent of ancient Terra's Indian subcontinent. House Malhotra generally sees this as harmless displays of loyalty towards them, and other Houses pay little attention to this sector due to its distance and isolation.

The majority of this sector is unexplored, and unlike many marginal areas it sees little pirate activity.

Systems of Note

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