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Elevation Control Core

An Elevation Control Core is a device used by the Notumi Cerebri to power and sustain the Elevation nanites within their bodies.


A Control Core can take a wide variety of forms. The only constants in their design is that they emit light in some way and are surgically connected to their user.

Game Rules

  • An Elevation Control Core is a device that allows the user to spend Charges to restore lost Body Hits. A basic Control Core has a Charge Capacity of 2 and space for 1 Exotic Substance. A basic Control Core has a Base Cost of 50 for the purpose of Modifying and Maintenance.
    • A Control Core can have Mods applied to it by an Engineer, as long as that Engineer either is a Cerebri, or has at least 1 rank of the Corporeal Science skill.
  • When someone tears a Charge to heal the user, they regain 1 lost body hit after 30 seconds of rest.
  • To attach or remove a Control Core from a Cerebri user, a Surgery must be performed, with 3 successes being required to complete the attachment or removal.
  • If a Cerebri's Control Core is damaged, SUNDERed or broken in some way, the Cerebri suffers the full effects of the Bane.
  • While a Cerebri's Control Core is undamaged, all abilities of Cybernetics that they have installed cost 1 Charge less than normal.
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