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A Nanodeck is a device used by the Notumi Corpori to interface with their nanite swarms.


A nanodeck can take a wide variety of forms. The only constants in their design is some form of user interface (commonly a touchscreen or keypad), a light source and a connection to the user's nervous system.

Game Rules

  • A Nanodeck is a device that allows the user to activate Programs that they know. A basic Nanodeck has a Charge Capacity of 2 and space for 1 Exotic Substance. A basic nanodeck has a Base Cost of 50 for the purpose of Modifying and Maintenance.
    • A Nanodeck can have Mods applied to it by an Engineer, as long as that Engineer either is a Corpori, or has at least 1 rank of the Corporeal Science skill.
  • Activating a program requires appropriate role play with a Nanodeck.
  • When activated, you must pay the cost associated with the Program (charges or notum).
    • Notum and Charges that are used to activate programs must be already attached or applied to the user's Nanodeck.
  • After a program is activated, a nanodeck requires 2 minutes to cool off before executing another program.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all programs have a range of 10 metres.
  • You cannot activate programs while you are walking wounded, badly injured or unconscious.
  • In order to activate programs, the user must be a Notumi Corpori with the appropriate Programs known.
  • A Corpori must spend 5 minutes connecting to and calibrating their Nanodeck before they use it during the day (so at the start of each day or if they acquire a new Nanodeck).

When applied to a Nanodeck in the usual way, Notum has its normal effect and lasts for the remainder of the day, but it can also be “spent”, causing it to immediately expire, to activate an Advanced Program. The dose of Notum must have already been applied to the Nanodeck to be used in this way.

All Corpori start with knowledge of 2 Basic Programs and 1 Advanced Program. They may acquire new programs by purchasing ranks in the Extra Programs skill, a Species Skill only available to Notumi Corpori. Every 1 Character Point spent on this skill allows a character to learn a new Program, either Basic or Advanced.

The list of Programs is incomplete. New Programs can be invented using the Research system.

Basic Programs

Name Cost Effect
Repair 1 charge Repairs one Armour Hit on a target at up to 10m range, or 2 Armour Hits on a target within arms reach
Study 1 charge Examine a Phenomenon as a Scanner, with +1 Green Card
Sample 1 charge Sample a Phenomenon as a Scanner, with +1 Green Card
Seal Wound 1 charge Pause the Death Count of a target within arm’s reach, as long as you remain within arm’s reach and do not use another Program
Barrier 1 charge If you have less than 3 Field Hits, gain 1 Field Hit. Fades after 1 hour or if the hit is lost
Erase 1 charge When targeted by an IMBUE (X) call, replace the X roleplay effect with “You cannot perceive the source of this IMBUE call”. The duration remains the same, but the IMBUE call expires instantly if the source of the effect deals damage to you.
Anchor 1 charge User calls RESIST to a REPEL or STRIKEDOWN call
Impact 1 charge Nano STRIKE a target’s location
Flechette 2 charges Nano THROUGH a target’s location
Force 2 charges Nano REPEL a target
Destroy 3 charges Nano SUNDER target item
Sustain 4 charges If the user has the Physician skill and is involved in a Surgery, they may activate this Program IMMEDIATELY AFTER a card is drawn to ignore the drawn card and instead draw another one.

Advanced Programs

Name Cost Effect
Survive 1 notum Target may call RESIST to all attacks for 30 seconds. DISRUPT breaks this effect.
Crush 1 notum Nano GLOBAL REND a target
Force Wave 1 notum Nano MASS REPEL
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