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Species Skills

Some skills and abilities are limited to certain species, either as a result of biology, culture or upbringing. Only members of that specific species can purchase these skills.

Ascendancy Terrans

Ascendancy Terrans have access to highly specialised mental training that focuses their will and allows them to perform astonishing feats of resilience and fortitude. Ascendancy Terrans may purchase the Discipline Skill with their character points, and the skills that use it as a prerequisite.

Skill Cost Ability
Discipline 2 Grants 2 Will Points, and the ability to spend them to resist EFFECT calls
Extra Will Point 1+ Grants +1 Will Point per rank
Relentless 1 Allows will points to be spent to act for brief periods while badly wounded
Resolve 1 Allows Will Points to be spent to recover quicker from injury
Iron Mind 1 Allows Will Points to be spent to resist psionic powers or KNOCKOUT calls
Stalwart 1 Allows Will Points to be spent to act normally while Walking Wounded


Tulaki are universally brought up within the faith of the Dominion, the Path of Tulak. Their religion teaches that individuals can obtain immortality as spirits upon their death by striving for ultimate accomplishment within their chosen field, usually under the patronage of a specific Immortal Spirit. Those who dedicate themselves to this task are called Heroes, and are often afforded great respect and status in Dominion society. Some adherents, however, forsake the quest for immortality and choose instead to guide others to greatness - these are the Priests of the Path. The Ecclesiocracy of the Dominion teaches the arts of stirring rhetoric, and the use of strange devices and mysterious chemicals that are thought to be able to interact directly with the spirits. Priests use their abilities to bridge the worlds of the spirit and the material. The skills that allow characters to become Priests and Heroes are called Devotions. Devotions are ranked skills, and cost 2 character points per rank (which does not increase with multiple purchased ranks).

Skill Cost Ability
Heroic Devotion 2 per rank Allows a character to gain the favour and powers of their chosen Immortal Spirit
Priestly Devotion 2 per rank Grants the use of 1 Ceremony per rank
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