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A Saurian warrior boasts of their exploits to a group of Serpentine scientists

The Tulaki are a reptilian species that evolved in the Origin system in the Saggitarius Arm of the galaxy. Their genome allows for an extreme degree of physiological variability, which usually resolves into one of a number of distinctive castes. The majority of Tulaki are what the Ascendancy dubs “Saurian morphs”, and are somewhat large than humans, with greater muscle mass, large jaws and clawed digits, and are notably aggressive. The second most numerous caste are the “Serpentine morphs”, who are about the same build and size as humans, with finer features and less aggression. The least numerous caste display even greater genetic variability, but are universally much larger, broader and more physically powerful than humans, but whose intellectual potential tends to be lower than other castes - these hulking individuals are collectively grouped together as “Megasaurians”.

Despite the variability, Tulaki are all identifiably reptilian, with scaled outer skin and lizard-like musculature. Their bones are somewhat lighter than terrans, but not hollow - compared to mammalian species, their body weight rests more on their musculature and an array of larger interlocking plate-like scales along the back on either side of the spine. In some Megasaurian morphs these load-bearing plates are enlarged into an external protective carapace or row of spines.

Tulaki have five-fingered hands with three joints, and a foot structure similar to a terrans, although their nails are considerably harder than terrans, and in some morphological variations may have pointed claws. Tulaki of all morphs can grow hair on their heads in a range of colours, usually a shade that complements the colour of their dermal scales. Tulaki are warm-blooded, and are most comfortable at a slightly lower temperature range than terran average.


The different Tulaki castes have different advantages, usually dependant on the extensiveness of the physrep requirement. All members of the Dominion are allowed to dedicate themselves to the Path of Tulak and become Heroes. Tulaki of all castes are considered the Core Species of the Dominion, and may purchase Dominion Status for 2 character points per rank.

Serpentine Tulaki have the least demanding physrep requirement, requiring a minimum of a scaled effect on their exposed skin, which can be achieved with makeup. They can become Priests or Heroes but have no other particular advantages or disadvantages. Serpentines have 2 locational body hits and a death count of 200.

Saurian Tulaki must have a minimum of a foam lizard or dinosaur mask that enlarges the head shape. They are naturally more aggressive and confrontational as a caste than others. They can become Priests or Heroes, and have 3 locational body hits and a death count of 200.

Megasaurian Tulaki must have physrep elements that significantly enlarge their physical form, such as American football padding or similar. Megasaurians get advantages depending on their subtype and physrep - new Megasaurians should contact the Game Team either prior to or at the start of the first event they attend so that their abilities can be worked out. However, Megasaurians find it difficult and frustrating to learn technical skills, and each rank of any Profession Skills, Spaceflight Skills or Priestly Devotion costs them an additional Character Point as they are more instinctive and easily frustrated by complex tasks than other castes. The larger Megasaurians often have difficulty with the fine manipulation required for Professional Skills. They can buy Reputation skills and Heroic Devotion at normal cost.

Example megasaurians include:

  • Loricate megasaurians – Crocodile heads, large bodies with wide frames. Have extra hits and may have strength to hit for strikedown or repel in melee. Claws.
  • Testudinate megasaurians – Turtle-people, with large armour plates that offer resistances.
  • Ceratopinate megasaurians – Triceratops-style heads and bulky frames. They have extra hits and strength, and are liable to fly into powerful berserker rages.

If you would like to play a megasaurian, you will receive a package of abilities based on your physrep. All megasaurian physreps should make you considerably bulkier than a normal human. Players of Megasaurian characters can also take advantage of Megasaurian Environmental Nano-treatment rules at events where their costume would be prohibitive or punishing to attend - typically very hot summer events or player events in very small spaces.

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