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Welcome to the Orion Sphere LRP Wiki. On this site you can find information about the game and our events, book tickets, and delve deeper into the universe of the Orion Sphere.

OSLRP Digital Events

Unfortunately, all of our 2021 in-person events have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you have a ticket booked for any of our 2020 events, it will be rolled forward to the next available event in 2022.

In the meantime, we are running digital events - keep an eye on our Facebook page and this homepage for details!

OSLRP Digital Notes - before booking, read this page. It has some notes on how events are run, etc. This page has some useful information for those who aren't familiar with the Starship Bridge Simulator.

Upcoming Digital Events

    • Saturday October 9th 10th - Free Union - A Sonorous Vortex
    • Sunday October 10th - Elysian Commonality - We Value Life
    • Saturday October 23rd - Terran Ascendancy - The Strong Hand
    • Sunday October 24th - Tulaki Dominion - A Harmonic Hymn


The Game

The Game contains information about our events, contact details, Game Team and policies. Have a read of the Game Overview to see what Orion Sphere is all about. Take a look at the Events page to see our upcoming events, and check out our Game Faqs. This section also contains details on how to Contact Us, join the community of players and book tickets for our events.



Factions has information about the four main powers in the game setting which players can join. Find out more about the militaristic Ascendancy, mysterious Commonality, conquering Dominion and resolute Free Union. You can find details about the culture and constituent species of each faction, as well as inspiration for costumes and gear.



Galactipedia is an in-character resource with a vast amount of knowledge about the universe of Orion Sphere. This collective knowledge base is used by countless individuals, and covers subjects as diverse as astro-cartography and exotic substances. Have a read of the Timeline to get an idea of how the current climate of the Orion Sphere is a product of its history.



Rules details the rules of the game, including the combat and science systems and how to create characters and groups to play at Orion Sphere events.

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