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Scientists Doing Science tends to be a prominent theme in sci-fi, and Scientist characters in Orion Sphere are a key part of the game. Characters with scientific skills are able to make use of devices and technology that other characters cannot, and can apply their skills between events to unlock the secrets of the universe. To access these parts of the game, a character must purchase some character skills - starting with the Scientist skill. This allows them to the specialise in one of the three main “scientific fields” - Etheric Science, Corporeal Science and Life Science.

At events, scientists can make use of Science Devices - specialised technology that allows them to learn more about their surroundings and take samples for later research. The three basic Science Devices are the Scanner, Extractor and Analyser - every Faction's scientists have access to some variant of these devices. Science devices can have Mods applied by engineers to add additional abilities. Using these devices allows scientists to find hidden resources or investigate strange phenomena on missions.

  • Scanners are used to detect the presence of hidden phenomena in the immediate area - exotic materials, hidden energy fields or invisible particle clusters. They will usually alert the user to the presence of a phenomenon and what it is on a superficial level.
  • Analysers are used to learn more about a single phenomenon. They will give some information about what an item or phenomenon is, and perhaps details of how it might be overcome or used.
  • Extractors are used to take samples from a phenomenon, either to extract measures of exotic substances or to harvest samples for later research.

Scientists can make and use exotic substances - consumables that can improve weapons, equipment, medicaments and have many other applications, perhaps being needed to cure certain illnesses and conditions. Many of these rare substances are particularly coveted by certain factions and megacorps who are willing to pay handsomely for them.

Between events, scientists can Research certain things that they have placed in their inventory. Scientists can research Artefacts they have found and samples that they have taken at events. Research allows a scientist to learn more about the phenomenon sampled, or to unlock new knowledge and powers of an artefact. Researchers who have made a discovery can also pass on their knowledge to their associates.

Finally, a scientist's research is critical in understanding how to use powerful Artefacts. These strange objects may be the results of advanced science we do not yet understand, or the remnants of ancient and dead interplanetary civilisations. In the hands of a scientist who has unlocked its secrets, an Artefact can unleash terrible energies, heal the most lethal illnesses or perform remarkable feats.

Core Science Topics

Quereus and Aeleath crouched in a shadow of the cave, lit only by the faint glow of fluorescent minerals in the rock around them. A thick blueish mist obscured the floor of the cave, seeming to absorb the ambient light and make the walls glisten organically. Both were bruised and battered, and the the stocky Borean's thick, sap-like blood oozed from a half-dozen cuts. Quereus checked his rifle.

“I'm nearly out of charge.“ His brow furrowed with worry. “There’s no way we can get back to the rest of the crew with those razor bugs between us, and the ship won't be able to get a lock on us in these caves. How about you? Got any tricks we could use?”

“Their hive mind is too diffuse for me to connect with, and I've only got one full charge pack left”, replied Aeleath, “My pistol can't hold enough power to stun more than a couple of them at a time.” The graceful Elysian rummaged in her pack. “Let’s see if there is anything around here that we can use.” Aeleath took out her scanner and lightly pressed the activation node. It emitted a barely audible hum as it swept their surroundings. After a few seconds, the scanner’s viewscreen pinged softly with a single blue dot.

And then another. And another, until the panel was illuminated by in solid blue. Aeleath’s eyes widened. “This mist! It’s a sea of Quark Plasma. All the energy we need is right here.”

Querus’ eyes narrowed. “Collect as much of it as you can. We may have a chance to get out of here after all.”

Additional Science Topics

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