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Location: Wesrix's Sector
Claimed by: Dominion

Kannavax Star

Type: Main Sequence
Radius: 1.04 Standard
Mass: 1.08 Standard
Black-body Temperature: 5850K

Orbiting Bodies

Kannavax I

Type: Barren World

Kannavax II

Type: Barren World

Kannavax III

Type: Tomb World
Class: Depleted Atmosphere

Tomb world of an unknown sentient species who had obtained Early Spaceflight level of technology. The atmosphere of Kannavax III was stripped away by the blast wave of a nearby supernova in approximately 530BE. Radiation from the blast would have sterilised the entire biosphere within moments, so there is a remarkable degree of preservation of the civilisation's remains. The extinct species had managed to launch a number of orbital facilities prior to the disaster - archaeological expeditions investigating these facilities discovered a crude electromagnetic field technology which would have shielded some of the planet had it been deployed in time.

The rapid irradiation of the planet created significant deposits of the fermium-stabilising mineral Fermite. Kannavax III is where Fermite was discovered on in 3582PT by a Dominion scientist, Yuallon, and her team, who were able to work out its biochemical applications prior to the completion of their 1-year survey.

Kannavax IV

Type: Barren World

Kannavax V

Type: Gas Giant

Kannavax VI

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