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  • All characters start as one of the playable species of the Orion Sphere.
  • All playable species are linked with one of the four Factions.
  • Characters from a species can have special abilities that reflect their physiology, background, etc.
  • To play as a species (aside from Terrans) you must wear its specific Species Trappings.
  • It is possible to create a new Species to add to the game universe.

All player characters play one of the known Species of the Orion Sphere. When you create a character, the species you can choose are dependant on your starting Faction. Each Faction comprises a Core Species as well as numerous other species. The Core Species of each Faction are the iconic representatives of characters in that Faction - they are also usually the most numerous species in each Faction.

The Orion Sphere is home to many hundreds of different species, each with their own unique traits, societal background and evolutionary history. Some possess special abilities that represent the effects of their unique physiology, cultural mores or psionic powers. In general, an alien species in-game abilities reflect the effort, unwieldiness or general coolness of their species trappings.

Every species (with the exception of Terrans) have a number of Species Trappings - these are physrep requirements that are essential for roleplaying as a member of that species. Most Trappings are required - all characters who are members of that species must have them. Some Trappings are Optional - players may use them if they want to help with characterisation, but they are not absolutely required - optional trappings will be indicated in the Game Rules section on the page for each Species.

It is possible to create a new species to add to the existing game setting - generally this is a species that was already present in the in-character game universe, but is only now prominent enough to show up to events. New species require the permission and collaboration of the Game Team - if you would like to create a new species to play as your character, please contact us with your ideas – a brief synopsis of the kind of species you have planned would be great, as well as your intended physrep plans. Also see the Species Guidelines page for more details.

Playable Species

Ascendancy Species

  • Core Species - Terran - Disciplined scions of the post-Fall Sol System
  • Coronite - energy-bearing lifeforms condensed from interstellar gas clouds
  • Notumi - two sub-species with a history of conflict and dependence on nanotechnology
  • Raegar - insular and austere humanoids cursed with a fatal genetic disease
  • Urg - highly resilient and militaristic humanoids with leathery skin
  • Sollen - Frail reptilian humanoids with an aptitude for technology.
  • Wrathian - humanoids with a highly toxic physiology

Commonality Species

  • Core Species - Elysian - Powerful psionic humanoids
  • Reskan - Sapient hives of small insectoid creatures
  • Lithos - Psionically active silicon-based lifeforms
  • Borean - Green-skinned humanoids with regenerative powers
  • Felani - Slightly catlike species that project a psionic healing aura
  • Kordai - Hunted refugees who have cast off their ancient culture

Dominion Species

  • Core Species - Tulaki - Genetically varied reptilian species that founded the Dominion.
  • Arctonyx - gruff musteloids renowned as starship crew
  • Cradian - artistic reptiloids seeking sanctuary after an endless war
  • Kelki - highly competitive and combative species of telekinetics
  • Xak'noth - a resilient species of heavily armoured insectoids

Free Union Species

  • Core Species - Terran - Inheritors of the legacy of Ancient Terra
  • Etherna - purple-skinned humanoids with the ability to sense energy fields
  • Gardener - Terran corpses animated by a sentient alien ecosystem
  • Ikunkuma - A nomadic canid species with a knack for finding all manner of useful things
  • Kordai - Hunted refugees preserving their ancient culture
  • Vikaas Aquerna - An aquatic species with powerful empathic abilities
  • Yelk - Pale, sapient fungi with distributed physiology

Non-Faction or Multi-Faction Species

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