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Location: Hyades Sector
Claimed by: Ascendancy

A recently colonised world, Juliana-14 is not very heavily developed. It is claimed by the Ascendancy, but lies close to the border of the Free Union.

Juliana-14 Star

Type: Main Sequence (Red Dwarf)
Radius: 0.43 Standard
Mass: 0.38 Standard
Black-body Temperature: 2000K
Luminosity: 0.05 Standard

Orbiting Bodies

Juliana-14 I

Type: Terrestrial World
Geosphere: Large iron/silicate
Hydrosphere: 18 % water, 23 % ice
Atmosphere: Standard reducing
Biosphere: Terraformed

The only inhabited world in the system, Juliana-14 I has a small starter Colony on the main continent.

Juliana-14 II

Type: Barren World
Geosphere: Silicate with abundant surface Mg & Li deposits.
Atmosphere: None

Hosts some small orbital mining operations.

Juliana-14 III

Type: Barren World
Geosphere: Iron/Silicates
Atmosphere: None

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